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If you want to hear some of my favorite music of all time, click on "Pop Out Player" below. There's a little something for everyone.

1- "Hahaha by SMF" is a track my friend spins in NYC and I fell in love with it. It's a little sinister, but imho you can't beat some good hardstyle.

2 and 3 were sent to me by a friend named Rom-e who moved to FL.

4- "Hallucination Generation by Uberdruck". I recently went to see them live in NYC. I wanted to add the song "Now or Never" because I own the signed vinyl and spin it all the time, but the site didn't have it. :(

5-10 Venetian Snares- they're effing insane and probably one of my favorite things to listen to in the world. I especially love "Huslkam Rave Dojo" because it's hilarious. Each song sounds different, so if you don't like one- give a different one a chance. I think most people really like "Hajnal" best since it's a little softer. "Eurocore MVP" has some funky Ragga beats! *^_^*

11- Destroy She Said by Circ. I figured you could use something a little fluffier after Venetian Snares, so here's one of my favorite industrial/QXT's songs. It's funny that such morbid lyrics could sound so sweet hahaha.

12- Ass n' Titties by DJ Assault is something my friends and I tend to slip into our mixes. People dance like crazy when they hear this on a dancefloor. I mainly put this on here as a joke or a guilty pleasure song. xD

13- Zombie Nation by Kernkraft 400. Who doesn't know this song?

--- Now we're going Psytrance.

14-15- Infected Mushroom 14 isn't a very good example of this artist, but I just liked the sample. "Bust A Move" is totally where it's at. It's mindblowing on LSD. *ahem*

17-19 Shpongle Funky trippy beats. The beginning of "Shiva Space Technology" is scary! It gets good about a minute in though. My favorite track out of this bunch is 19.

--- Have a break from electronic music!

20-23 Balkan Beat Box shares members with the band Gogol Bordello! They have a very middle-eastern/brooklyn vibe with subtle scratch and expert remixing. I found out about them recently through my friend Kate. 22 is my favorite.

24-28 Brazilian Girls are another recent find. The first song is really REALLY silly. It's about two of my favorite things~! :P I've had the song "Good Time" stuck in my head for about the past week or so nonstop. Tortoloni! xD

---One more dance song, then a Gorillaz-fest.

29- "Frank Sinatra" by Miss Kittin (and The Hacker) was featured on the Party Monster soundtrack. I wanted to add the song "Professional Distortion" but all the links were broken. :\ This song is really odd, but I really adore it. It's so raunchy and straight up rude lol.

30-39 Gorillaz are my favorite band of all time. End. (Suggested listening- 32 & 33) I only really added some of their lesser-known stuff, including some B-Sides!

40- "Destroy Everything You Touch" by Ladytron is a song I used to dance to every friday night. It's a little different sounding compared to most of their other work, but it's got a softspot in my heart so I added it.

---RAVE! *busts out glowsticks* This section is music I usually spin.

41- Hardcore Vibes I heard this song in 2003 at my first rave. Sadly, this is a cracked out Happy Hardcore version of it, but it's the only one they had. :( **EDIT** I found the "real' version, it's just further down the playlist (56 I think. The site's having issues and won't let me change the order of my playlist right now, so sorry!)

42- Alton Towers is a rave anthem. Had to add it.

43- TeTriS ThEmE! is another rave anthem that we spun @ Nintechno (haha). It was an NYC rave that had 100 SNES systems hooked up to televisions that people could play all night. What a blast!

44- This is some 10 minute Happy Hardcore mix I found so I just added it. I think it's done well and it gives you a better idea of what the genre sounds like if you can hear some songs mixed together continuously. There's quite a few hits on here (esp @ 6:10!). Raise your PLURhearts kids. ♥

---After that, I kind of HAVE to put in something calm. xD

45-47 Metric is music I usually tell everyone to listen to. I added my two favorite songs, and the third is an electropop remix I spin that will lead to...

---Synthpop, electropop and sweet remixin'

48- "Street Justice" by MSTRKRFT. I'm such a sucker for good electro. After adding that last Metric song this popped up so I added it!

49-52- Justice is one of my favorite things to dance to. It's great party music because it's not *zomg techno* but it's got a lot of electronic elements. I love the electronic upright bass!!!! Live electronica ftmfw. 51 features a girl named "Uffie". My new demo has 52 as the opener! ('cept it's sped up a bit and has some breakbeats in it) If you want a copy, I'll mail one to you if you like this. ;D

53-55- Fannypack is a really funny band from Brooklyn that I really needed to add. "Cameltoe" used to be played on the radio (on Z100~!) in the city and was their claim to fame. By now I'm sure you realize my taste in music is far from serious. ^.^

---Stuff I added but it won't let me re-organize my playlist anymore so it's a hodge-podge.

56- Hardcore Vibes by Dune I FOUND THE REAL ONE! *dance dance dance*

57-58 The Logical Song by Scooter. Now, I really REALLY dislike Scooter as an MC. ~.~ "Good Morning! Yee-hah. One, two, one two three four." OMFG SHUT UP and let the music playyyyyy. 57's the real version, but 58 has less annoying Scooter in it so I added both (play it from 4:00 for a sweet mix!).

59-61 Cosmic Gate's "Fire Wire" was something I heard in 2004. When my friend Jen went to London, she heard it on TV again about a year ago. xD Listen to "Exploration of Sound" on Ecstacy and you'll have an auditorygasm... especially about 3 minutes in until about 4:26. Gahhhhhhh. *drools all over keyboard*

62- "Omnibus" by LautSprecher I'm pretty sure Darude's 'Sandstorm' stole straight from this song. I first heard it via mixtape. Someone put it on as a joke and I asked them to find out who did it. I actually didn't find out until quite a few years later. I heard it spun recently in Brooklyn and I'm thrilled to finally have this song back in my life!

63- "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit" by Fedde Le Grand. If you like Benni Benassi, you'll love this. If you want to see a hilarious music video (especially if you like hot women pretending to be assembly-line robots and dancing), click this. I could watch it a million times.

64- "I Need A Freak" by electroCUTE was a song I had to settle for because I couldn't find Kleiner Dicker Junge. :(

65- "Get Ready To Bounce" by Brooklyn Bounce was stuck in my head so I added it so it gets stuck in yours too!

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