Date: 2009-03-02 08:56 pm (UTC)
I am adding in to the drama, i am sorry.
I mod [ profile] the_sweetest_ and Katreena had joined under the user name [ profile] twistedpleazure. She was actually a good member and really sweet (hence the title of the community) Well, one day she got pissed that we were accepted so many people, so she made a post saying she was leaving and gave all the reasons. 1- we have to get a certain amount of points a month (isnt that %99 of communities?) & 2- we accept EVERYONE and there mama's. Well, she left after calling the co-mod a fat ass, which she was banned for. THEN she made the new username she has, needle_syringe, she joined [ profile] the_sweetest_ again, and just lurked. We do not allow lurkers. So, I commented on her page asking her to post an app, then I realized WHO she actually was, and told her she was banned, and she shouldnt make a new username just to sit in my community. Apparently it wasnt only my community she wants to sit in, if you check her communities she is in TONS of ones she has been rejected from.

epic fail
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